JMS Travel aims to provide advice and booking services to and from destinations that might not be covered by more mainstream travel services. We have a particular focus on travel to and from Cameroon. Our intention is to give you the best advice and booking service taking into account your purpose, budget and destination.


JMS Travel was set up by Moses Tambi, Stephen Solademi and Jonathan Taylor. Moses is from Cameroon, speaks French and English, has spent time living and working in France and currently lives in UK. Moses has worked in the travel booking industry for 3 years and can provide specialised advice and booking services for people looking to travel to and from Cameroon, particularly if your journey is between Cameroon and UK or France.


Stephen Solademi is originally from Nigeria, but now lives in UK. Stephen manages the JMS website and can help with any technical issues in the booking process.


Jonathan Taylor was born in Yemen and travelled extensively as a child living in Kenya, Germany and USA before returning to UK. Jonathan is a qualified and regulated financial adviser in UK and can provide advice on travel and health insurance if your journey starts or finishes in UK.

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